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Hearing voices
In india some internet research indicated that a significant number of people are also suffering from V2K or Voice to skull technology torture. However they get very little help due to the lack of scientific temper as very few people will study microwave or communication engineering in their life. Usually the innocent victim will have led a normal life , till some powerful official decided to destroy it .
The karnataka intelligence agencies were extremely careless( or was it intentional) when they allowed tata, google, to defame a harmless innocent single woman engineer, exporter and now they want to cover up their mistake by stealing her resume and savings for the BRAHMIN fraud cheater mediocre housewife nayanshree hathwar in a classic case of CASTEISM in the indian tech sector, defaming the engineer as a fool and claiming the BRAHMIN fraud nayanshree is an experienced engineer when mediocre nayanshre has no engineering qualification or experience. In maharashtra, the colleagues of the engineer will acknowledge her, in goa the classmate will, only in karnataka an engineer from a top college will be defamed and the section 420 Brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar idolized and made a VVIP for cheating the single woman engineer of her hard earned money,
For example allegedly google, tata, paypal have bribed powerful fraud officials to steal the impressive resume of the webmaster, engineer for mediocre BRAHMIN women and call girls who would be too lazy and mediocre to get admission to or an engineering degree or experience Already the shivalli BRAHMIN cheater bangalore housewife nayanshree hathwar, wife of former tata power employee, guruprasad has been allegedly appointed to an important government job stealing the resume of the single woman engineer as most positions are held by fraud BRAHMINs who cannot accept merit in others, Similarly goan diploma holder siddhi mandrekar was appointed to an important government job with a stolen resume for corporate espionage and bribes of FREE SEX to top officials The cunning good looking BRAHMIN cheater nayanshree hathwar, siddhi were too lazy and mediocre to get admission,study for an engineering degree, or even get experience as no engineering company would hire a semi literate cheater like her. However, fraud powerful brahmin officials think that if they give fake references to the semi literate cheater brahmin nayanshree, siddhi she will become an experienced engineer overnight. So now these cunning brahmin officials are torturing the engineer whose resume they want to steal for their darling relatives , friends, fraud lazy mediocre women using V2k technology, sending the message Nayanshree E, Siddhi B. For the engineer victim it will be interesting to test how the technology of these perverted cruel fraud officials operated, how often these messages are sent, whether any change in strategy will be adopted . Another official infatuated with call girl bsc sunaina appears to be using directed energy weapons to cause physical pain , these are discussed on other websites,
Any person hearing voices in India , especially those working online, with an excellent academic record are requested to send a message by email to info@marketingpartner.biz, info@textads.in so that a scientific analysis of the torture can be carried out and methods to minimize their effect suggested after extensive research. More data from affected people will help to prevent further problems

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