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Earplugs are devices which protect the wearer's ear from loud noises. They inserted into the ear canal. Wearing earplugs is important, since once hearing is lost, it cannot be regained. Different types of  ear plugs are used depending on the source of  the noise and level of protection required.


Disposable or basic ear plugs are usually made from memory foam. They are rated with Noise Reduction Ratings or Sound Reduction Ratings depending on the level of  attenuation they provide. The wearer rolls the memory foam into a compressed cylinder and inserts it into the ear canal. The foam then expands and blocks out all the noise. The earplug should offer a minimum attenuation of  30dB. Some earplugs are made from wax or silicone.


Care should be taken to ensure that the fingers are clean when the foam is being rolled, else the wearer may suffer from an infection of  the ear. The plugs should be removed slowly and carefully. These plugs are commonly used by industrial workers who are exposed to loud machinery noise and motorcyclist. Though manufacturers recommend that these plugs are used only once, many use them 2 to 4 times.


Constant exposure to loud music can impair the hearing of  musicians and person's working in recording studios . Musicians earplug's attenuate sound for all frequencies evenly, so that the music is audible, but at a much lower volume. The attenuation provided by these earplugs is usually only about 20dB and does not protect them from loud noises. These earplugs are more expensive than the disposable earplugs.  

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