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Please contact on for advertising. The real domain investor, a harmless private citizen, is held a virtual prisoner in panaji,goa, her correspondence ROBBED by raw/cbi employees like greedy goan gsb fraud housewife ROBBER riddhi nayak caro without a court order for more than 11 years in a clear case of human rights abuses, extortion racket which the dishonest indian mainstream media does not have humanity and honesty to cover

Since this is a keyword domain, it is getting type in traffic. Though the advertising network was crediting the domain investor initially for the traffic, they have stopped crediting for the traffic for the last few days. This has forced the domain investor, single woman engineer and private citizen to post a clarification regarding the domain ownership, to end the domain ownership fraud allegedly of government agencies who are criminally defaming

Like other domain investors in india, the domain investor has alone purchased the domains and is paying the domain renewal fees for the last 14 years. She is not getting any help from any government employees who consider her low status, and have never contacted her. Yet allegedly some ntro/raw/cbi employees especially her btech 1993 ee classsmates from iit bombay holding senior positions in government agencies especially tushar parekh, j srinivasan, puneet j, vijay, who do not pay any money for the domains, are falsely claiming that this and other domains of the domain investor, engineer belonging to them and their real girlfriends, associates who do not pay any money for domains to get their real girlfriends and associates monthly raw/cbi salaries at the expense of the real domain investor

Please note that the domain investor can legally prove that the ntro/raw employees have never contacted her anytime, especially regarding domains. The domain investor does not have contact details of any ntro/raw employee. Only one classmate from the btech 1993 ee class has contacted her regarding the issue and he has confirmed that hathwar, tata power special electronics division employee, MIT (Manipal) 2000 may have cheated the domain investor, to get his wife nayanshree, 2005 bbm, only cooking, cleaning for hathwar, a raw job faking domain ownership,bank account.

In a clear case of abuse of power of top indian government employees, they have continued to make fake claims since 2010, and are criminally defaming the domain investor, engineer to destroy her credibility completely. Domains are always available for sale, the domain investor has sold her domains to buyers from all over the world including Brazil, United Kingdom, Italy, United states,Germany, China who pay the market price and get the domains legally transferred in their name. Though this domain ownership fraud started in 2010, the ntro/raw/cbi employees have never contacted her since they do not want to pay money for the domains.

There are many other domain investors in India, like swetha yenugala from hyderabad with 16000 domains, the government agencies do not falsely claim that their lazy greedy fraud employees, who do not spend any money for the domains, own the domains of swetha yenugala or other real domain investors.Only because the domain investor is a older single woman from one of the poorest and most powerless communities in India with no one to help or defend her, the greedy government employees are abusing their powers to make fake claims of domain ownership to get monthly government salaries at her expense since 2010.

Specifically the indian internet companies allegedly led by google, tata are falsely claiming that india's greatest domain fraudster greedy gujju stock broker amita patel featured in hindu business line,moneycontrol, who has never invested any money in domains like other raw/cbi employees, greedy frauds, owns this and other domains of a private citizen, to get the greedy gujju fraudster a monthly raw salary at the expense of the real domain investor for more than 8 years. Google, tata, indian internet companies are aware that the greedy gujju domain fraudster amita patel has a networth of more than Rs 50 crores , has a monthly training income of more than Rs 1 crore, yet refuses to pay for the domains despite getting a monthly salary. The bespectacled indore ROBBER raw employee deepika/veena with assets of more than Rs 10 crores, goan bhandari scammer sunaina chodan, greedy goan gsb fraud housewife robber riddhi nayak caro, sindhi scammer naina premchandani, haryana scammer ruchika kinge, nayanshree, siddhi mandrekar and others who do not spend any money on domains, are others in the long list of google, tata sponsored frauds faking domain ownership

before the government employees comment on the website content, they should explain why google, tata, indian internet companies, government agencies especially ntro, raw, cbi are criminally defaming private citizens, falsely claiming that their well paid employees own the domains of a private citizen. It is an extortion racket making fake black money allegations against an innocent person when no income tax notice has been sent for the last 11 years and the domain investor has a very low business income despite working for 8-10 hours daily due to government SLAVERY, especially in panaji, goa.

Since the greedy government employees are getting very good salaries which is far more than what the domain investor is making monthly though the government employees are doing far less work, and have plenty of assets, there is no reason why the domain investor should tolerate the criminal defamation, financial and online fraud,EXTORTION RACKET of the government employees falsely claiming to own this and other domains . The greedy government employees should either purchase this and other domain names paying the market price or stop DUPING companies especially advertising networks, people like domain buyers, and countries with their fake stories of domain ownership

The domain investor challenges the government agencies to legally prove that their well paid greedy employees or associates are paying any money for this and other domains. Due to extortion racket of government agencies, falsely claiming to own this and other domains, she is not able to sell any domain to indian buyers for the last 10 years and ad networks are not crediting for page views due to the government domain ownership fraud.

The domain investor has done extensive research on the technology to help indian citizens to deal with it. Anyone interested in getting help can contact at

Kindly note that allegedly bribed by google, tata, the indian and state governments especially in goa, madhya pradesh, karnataka, haryana have DUPED domain registrars, registries and ICANN for the last 10 years that call girl, robber, cheater raw/cbi employees like goan frauds riddhi nayak caro, siddhi mandrekar, slim goan bhandari sunaina chodan, bengaluru housewife nayanshree hathwar, gujju frauds stock broker asmita patel, sindhi scammer school dropout naina premchandani who looks like actress sneha wagh, her lazy fraud sons nikhil, karan, indore robber deepika, ruchika kinge who have not paid any money for domains, own this and other domains in an ONLINE FINANCIAL, BANKING FRAUD, to get them all raw/cbi salaries at the expense of the real domain investor, who is criminally defamed in the worst possible manner, her correspondence robbed, subjected to human rights abuses, to isolate her completely without a legally valid reason and cause great financial losses. The real domain investor is a private citizen who raw/cbi/ntro employees hate,criminally defame, commit human rights abuses without a legally valid reason for the last 10 years forcing the real domain investor to post this explicit disclaimer to prevent further losses and alert ICANN