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Officially citizens who find that the noise levels are above the permissible limits can complain to the police. The police can then ask those who are violating the noise pollution laws to reduce the noise. They can also impose fines on the person responsible for noise pollution. In reality, the police may not always take action to end the noise pollution

If the police do not end the noise pollution, the persons suffering can use other options for complaining. They can complain to the local officials, politicians especially if elections are near. Social media has become a new channel for complaining about noise pollution.

The mainstream media refuses to carry news of government SLAVERY,financial fraud in the indian internet sector, but it will carry the news of noise pollution especially during festivals. Times of india newspaper carried a very detailed report on noise pollution. Younger people tolerate loud music and noise better, while senior citizens are worst affected by the noise pollution.

Another option to end the noise pollution is contacting the event organizer who is playing the music loudly and complaining about the problems which they are causing. The real domain investor has observed that most of the young people who are playing loud music are not aware of the problems which they are causing to others. They think that everyone is enjoying the loud music.

If a polite request does not work, threatening the event organizer that the person suffering will complain to the police or other agency, may also help in some cases. However, if the event organizer is well connected, the complaint may be ignored

Shutting the doors and windows can reduce the noise entering the house to some extent. The sound waves are attenuated by the windows,doors so less sound will enter the house. Soundproofing of the house can also help

The domain investor has done extensive research on the technology to help indian citizens to deal with it. Anyone interested in getting help can contact at

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