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Noise is usually defined as a loud , unexpected , unpleasant sound; hearing voices in the head
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References - to understand technology, scientific evidence
Hearing voices
V2K technology Voice to skull technology
Reason for torturing using V2K technology
Typical V2K messages
Danger of being targetted with v2k technology

Noise pollution  



Noise levels in India are some of the highest in the world and much of  it is manmade and avoidable. Noise levels can be measured using a decibel meter, which costs about Rs 3100 (imported model). The noise levels in residential area in a major metro like Mumbai are typically around 60 db when measured during the day.


The Central Pollution Control Board  has formulated Noise rules which regulates noise and also prescribes procedures for complaining about noise. However , enforcement of noise pollution laws is very difficult.

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